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AWS and Azure



OKUHIN offers purpose-built, data-protection, as a service for Azure cloud operations. No requirement to add any unnecessary software or hardware for backups, migration, or specify the Virtual Machines you’d desire to protect, setting a policy with Azure that will take care of the rest.

OKUHIN's experienced Azure specialists have assisted numerous companies to create, manage, and optimize Azure resources. Our solutions are built especially for the Azure platform and enable you to leverage the greatest power of Azure IaaS and PaaS services.

Cloud Migration and Management is the essence of Enterprise Strategy for Future Organizations

OKUHIN delivers Microsoft Azure cloud computing services that offer quick deployments at the forefront of Azure IaaS Services and Azure PaaS Services. Azure delivers strong Hybrid Cloud capacity, free comprehensive security updates, and your selected languages, frameworks, and infrastructure. Improve your business in an Agile Way, make it on your terms, deploy where you want to, and be future-ready.

With Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Services, get protection from the ground up, reinforced by a team of experts and proactive compliance entrusted by enterprises. Organize and integrate your environments with services and tools developed for the hybrid cloud. Utilizing Azure develops beyond the limits of your existing computing platform with the freedom to create, control, and deploy your products anywhere. Use your preferred frameworks, infrastructure, language, and even your data center with the cloud. Control your digital transformation, manage untapped data, and discover new insights by combining your assets and devices.

Microsoft Azure Service Bus

Allow OKUHIN TECHNOLOGIES to help your business get reliable cloud messaging (MaaS) and superficial hybrid integration through the implementation of the Azure Service Bus.

Microsoft Azure Service Bus delivers a PaaS (Platform as a Service) communications platform built to permit more powerful, multi-tenant software systems to be built in the cloud. Keep interconnected with Azure Service Bus, a cloud messaging system for connecting apps and devices across public and private clouds. Message-oriented technologies such as message queuing and long-term publish or subscribe messaging are endorsed by Azure Service Bus.

Azure Service Bus Overview

When you demand a highly-reliable cloud messaging service between applications, Azure Service Bus is the platform to rely on. Available in several various regions, this completely managed service stops the burdens of server management and licensing. Asynchronous operations give you relaxed, brokered messaging between client and server, along with structured first-in, first-out (FIFO) messaging, and publish/subscribe abilities – perfect for tasks like order processing.

Benefits of AZURE Integration

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Lower Cost

⦁ Azure is a custom suite of solutions where you only pay for what you use


Higher Security

⦁ Microsoft delivers leading security and compliance for data privacy laws


Increased Productivity

⦁ Azure comes with many accelerators to facilitate the immediate implementation of solutions

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